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{Trend Alert} The Virtual Swag Bag

Written by Nicole Mitsakis


Photo courtesy of virtualeventbags.com

Photo courtesy of virtualeventbags.com

It’s hard to believe that this is the first time I am hearing about the virtual swag bag!   Most of us have attended many corporate events and conferences that provide you with a take away gift on your departure – a lot of logo’d items that unfortunately end up in a closet or in the trash. Also, since many of our attendees have flown in, we find many people defer the gift, as it’s too bulky to fit in their carry on or isn’t allowed through security.

The option of a virtual event swag bag changes the way many companies will do business, especially as it will positively effect the bottom line. Attendees will now be the driver of what gifts they’d like to take home by either going on line or checking into a station at the conference to choose what they would like put in their “bag”.  They can either be sent to the person after the event or picked up at a dedicated kiosk during the event.   The most important sell to your vendors is that they will now have a real time, updated mailing list of consumers that are actually interested in their services.

Imagine an event where everyone leaving is happy with their swag (and we know how hard it is to please everyone).  Less waste, event staff with more usable time (because they’re not stuffing bags) and sponsors saving millions of dollars on marketing ending up being thrown away make this idea a winner!

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