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The New Look of Corporate Team Building

Written by Tania Atkinson

Building “office moral” is a phrase corporate event planners often hear when working with their corporate clients.  In a more comfortable economy, companies are looking for new and inventive ways to improve office moral through company team building events.  The days of the “Trust Fall” are long gone! Entire corporations are sending their employees to team building “Experiences”, not unlike the summer camps we went to as kids, but ampted up to a more “extreme level!  From duck herding to blind driving, companies are bound and determined to bond their employees at the risk of looking utterly ridiculous doing it!  Looking ridiculous or not, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive on the part of employer and employee, so much so, that there is a specialty within the event planning world focused entirely on such experiences! See if any of these experiences could be the theme of your next corporate outing.

UK based Grandslam Events offers Duck Herding as one of their most popular team building events.  Groups learn basic herding commands with the assistance of dogs to get ducks out of a pen and through a series of obstacles.

9. Geese Herding - Nearly Under Control


But if that sounds too tame for your company, Grandslam also offers Extreme Sky Bow Archery, which combines skeet shooting with much larger (and more colorful) targets.


Boston based TeamBonding offers “Live Action Team Adventures” where teams are given clues, tools, witnesses and a mystery to solve all using your local city as the set.  This adventures requires critical thinking, as well as a good dose of humor!



If these experiences seem to tame for your company or team, the Ireland based Teambuilding.ie  and England based Eventurous may have the answer for you.  They offer blindfold driving for teams as a half or full day adventure.  Teams select a driver (who is, in fact blindfolded) and the rest of the team sits in the back seat giving verbal commands to direct the driver of the 4×4 vehicle through a variety of obstacles.  A tip: The first driver is definitely the guinea pig in the group!




So if you feel your company outings, team building exercises or company moral boosters aren’t getting the results you’d like to see, maybe it’s time to try some of these creative, out of the box and down right hilarious ideas may be the way to go.


Some featured images from Altitude Events



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