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Corporate Annual Meeting

Why do we love corporate events? There are too many ways to count!  We’ve been honored to do this annual meeting for the last 12 years and every year we walk away saying we wish we had more clients like this.  As you know in the olden days (5 or so years back) most corporate events were a bit on the safe side – and now a whole new world has opened up and sky’s the limit on a teams ability to impress their guests.  Which means fun for us!

The event was held at the Four Seasons hotel in Boston and as always they did an amazing job.  In fact our team always jokes that we could grab a glass of wine, sit back and not even be missed that’s how good the staff is.   Their attention to detail throughout our process every year and the fact that every employee at the hotel (and we mean from the houseman to Mr. Taylor) makes sure our events always go smoothly and we wish we had  more events there.


The floral arrangements were provided by Gregory Costa-Saint John of Flouer who did an extraordinary job- as always. His vision was to coordinate with the corporate client’s colors of silver and navy as well as appeal to an audience of both male and female.



This year our client wanted to showcase one of their latest portfolio acquisitions, Party City, and we worked with them to put together a sports room honoring all things New England – and that guests could take away with them.  It was a huge hit, and we can’t thank them enough for flying across the country and bringing their morph suits and making us laugh!  Also, Dunkin Donuts (another portfolio company) was on hand to show guests their new line up of foods for the winter, and as always it was a huge hit.  We will miss them as it was their last year doing this with us!  Thank you Mark and team.




Another year down and onto year number 13!  Our lucky number.

All photographs courtesy of Denise Barry Photography

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