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  • Certified Trade Missions

Certified Trade Missions

Mission Objectives

Certified trade missions are organized by JLH Ventures, the certified trade mission organizer, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA) as part of President Obama’s National Export Initiative to help you, the GP, export your management services to the world’s foremost institutional investors.

A key driver of this mission is to provide non U.S.-based institutional investors with first-hand knowledge and face-to-face introductions to leading U.S. based alternative asset investment partners. Many institutional investors find private equity funds of extreme interest, yet due to the lack of exposure they often lack confidence and knowledge about the process and opportunities in the United States. This certified trade mission is an efficient, highly focused approach to meet and start an initial exploratory dialogue. The interactions also represent an opportunity for limited partners and general partners to exchange ideas and strategies in an open, interactive forum.

General Partner Benefits

Unlike conferences or other large business development events, these missions are small and usually take place in intimate venues which helps to provide an atmosphere conducive to the formation of quality partnerships that is difficult to find elsewhere.

We are in a unique position to work with individual U.S. Embassies in the regions we are visiting and they also reach out to institutional investors on our behalf.

  • Serve as a delegate in a U.S. government initiative aimed at promoting the nation’s leadership in private equity to foreign institutional investor.
  • Showcase your firm’s investment expertise directly to interested institutional investors.
  • Small group exposure will help facilitate relationships with top institutional investors, including gatekeepers and fund of funds in an exclusive setting catalyzed by the government of the United States.
  • A targeted time and cost efficient means to meet a new base of potential sources of capital.
  • Invited regional investors shall include top-tier institutional investors, high net worth family offices, sovereign funds and pension funds that have previously invested with U.S. private equity, or have expressed interest in doing so in the future.

General Partner Qualifications

In the financial arena there are many outstanding executives that could represent the United States in the certified trade missions (CTM) that JLH Ventures will put together.  A select group of 10 U.S. based firms will be chosen to participate in the U.S. Department of Commerce certified trade missions. This dynamic group of senior executives will be a mix of GP’s with diverse investment strategies, sector focuses and geographic preferences. All should possess performance history and sound investor liquidity strategies.




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Since 2011 JLH Ventures has been creating a broader dialogue between global private equity fund managers, institutional investors, multilateral, and bi-lateral institutions through intimate group dialogues and structured one-on-ones. To date, 40 US-based private equity and venture capital partners have joined us on our Private Equity Trade Missions where they have been introduced to over 100+ institutional LP investors.


One out of every 10 Americans owes his or her job to exports…The International Trade Administration (ITA) assists U.S.-based businesses to participate fully in the growing global marketplace by:

  • Providing practical information to help you select your markets and products.
  • Ensuring access to international markets as required by trade agreements.
  • Safeguarding you from unfair competition from dumped and subsidized imports.

ITA is headed by the Under Secretary for International Trade who oversees the operations of ITA’s four units, among them is: Manufacturing and Services is the government’s link to American industry. Industry sector specialists can help you identify trade opportunities for specific products or services. Whatever your line of business – basic industry, high-tech, or services. Whatever your line of business – your company has a strong ally in ITA’s Manufacturing and Services (MAS) unit. MAS focuses on support for trade negotiations, and market analysis. MAS reaches out to U.S. businesses through its Industry Sector Advisory Committees and the President’s Export Council, gaining industry–specific expertise that is incorporated into U.S. trade policy.

Please note the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration is not involved in the “recruitment and the selection” of Certified Trade Mission delegates. The delegation is assembled, and the mission is priced, at the sole discretion of JLH Ventures.

Certified Trade Missions

The 2016 certified trade mission information will be coming out soon.

If we can answer questions, please contact Jennifer Hansen by email, or you can reach her at 617-312-3721.